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have always been very interested in breeding pedigree cats since I was young but wanted to pick a long haired breed that did not mat or shed as much as most long haired cats. When I saw the ragdoll I knew this was the one.
 I am a true animal lover, when I was young every stray would seek me out for help and I always gave it. I somehow knew when something was wrong and when they were happy or sad.
We hand feed every kitten during weaning so that it helps them to be calm loving adult cats before leaving us.
We are a clean cattery and never allow out side studs.
 Some cats we have produced.
cream point male
Blue lynx point Female
Seal lynx point Female
Blue mink mitted male
Flame point  male
Seal bicolor tortie Lynx
 Why we don't declaw
Declaw is a risk even if you have had cats that were declawed and did well. Changes in the cat are not always seen or heard. 
Cats need there claws for many things, balance, climbing ect.... Declaw can cause several problems in many cats and Rgadolls are at high risk due to there sensitive nature, they may not tolerate declaw well, causing aggressive behavior, biting and pain when scratching in the litter box.
Even the new laser method has the same risk later on. 
Blue lynx point 
Lilac mink bicolor
flame male
seal lynx bicolor
We are dedicated to raising healthy social kittens.
 I believe that animals are heavens angels!