Best Foods

  Food and feeding quide
Cat cook
 These are all natural foods, the prices are slightly higer but not as high as some others that are not listed here.
 Premium edge dry kitten only, not adult.
 Chicken soup
  Wellness core and wellness
 Harmony farms carried at Giant grocery
 California Natural
 call of the wild
I do not recommend giving vitamins to cats or dogs unless it is the one called the Missing link, this comes as a powder forum and can be mixed in with dry or wet food. Too many vitamins or certain ones can be toxic to cats just as to humans, all that is really needed is a high quality dry food.
Do not waste your money on high dollar vitamins and costy foods, shop around first some vitamins can cause vomiting and diareah.
The missing link can be purchased at Petsmart.
You do not have to buy high dollar foods or loads of chemicals to keep your cats healthy. If you purchase a healthy cat and want it to stay healthy just be sure your foods do not have the following.
Corn gluten
Wheat gluten
BHT and other dyes
Hard to pronouce chemical names.
Do not buy fish flavored cat foods especialy the wet food unless it says real fish from the sea or real ocean fresh fish.
Fish flavored cat foods can be dangerous and cause reactions some are not real fish.
The first three ingredience in a dry food should be "real" Chicken, beef or fish
Chicken meal or fish meal is ok but its better to find a food that does not have meal in it.
Rice or another starch such as potato as a second or third ingredient is ok
Fruits, vegtables and pastas for energy and fiber.
Egg products
goats milk
Some companies claim there food is the best but yet it contains corn and wheat and other fillers and fake meats such as by-products, no matter how good the company says they are be sure to check the lable.
Some animal experts say that By products now are found to be ok for animals. I still would find a food that at least has three good ingredience before the by product.
What is a meat by-product?
It is meat scraps that contain anything from intestines to organs it is basicly any part thrown into the cat or dogs food.
If you think your animal needs organ meats give fresh cooked meats such as livers and hearts instead.
What is wrong with corn or corn gluten?
Corn is not digested in humans or animals while good for most humans who do not have certain digestive problems because of the good fiber source, cats and dogs do not need corn, it can cause skin alleries and more likely gas and bloating and digestion problems. It is classified as a filler when in an animal food.
What about wheat.
Some wheat is ok for animals but some can be very allergic and have the same reactions to it like with corn. I would be safe and not give wheat products, some dogs however can have treats occasionaly made from wheat such as most treats for dogs contain wheat.