Available kittens

Litter due between Oct 10 -14th C Email to be placed on the wait list
Buttermilk bred to Rascal  
Expected colors are, Seal, Blue, Flames in all gender, blue and seal tortie females, lynx patterns expected and non lynx, mitted and point patterns.
Wait list for this litter
1 Stephanie : female kitten, next choice male
2 Barbara  Blue lynx or other
3 Garrison
          A Beautiful example of Our cats 
See below for available kittens and pricing !
 Pricing :
please contact us for pricing ! 
we sometimes offer retired breeding cats as pets to good homes, these are priced at 200-300.00 depending on age and needs.
We only offer breeder cats to regsitered catteries and even then very few, if you want to be a registered breeder ask us what is needed.
Our wait list for the next litters are below.
The current wait list will be shown below,these people may or may not be listed in order according to who is first and so on on the wait we also have the wait list written down,
If you have a deposit down and do not see your name here please email me right away or call as I do get very swamed with demands of customers and caring for my animals, if you sent a deposit, your name will go here when I get it, Thanks
Our wait list : This wait list has already been waiting for prior litters and are transfered to the upcoming litters. We will exept just a few more when moms are preg and then when born, depending on how many kittens we get.
We will update the wait list soon with those who sent deposits ! 
Email us castletopdolls@aol.com


How to get a kitten from us
We maintain a wait list and have a first come first serve basis, you may request a certain color/gender. Please email or call us for info on how to get a kitten. we only take a few deposits until kittens are born, then we except more at that time.
I require a deposit down before any doors will be open to see our cats and kittens, it is for safty reasons in today's day and age. 
Deposits are non refundable for any reason, this is an adoption process, most people who send a deposit will have a kitten between 2 and 5 months depending on if you put cost down on a pregnant mom or a live kitten, it takes a  mom 60-68 days to give birth, live kittens go home at 10-12 weeks old from the day they are born or if you decide to wait for another litter the longer the wait, the reason for no refunds is once I except a certain number of deposits I turn down all other people and if someone changes there mind for any reason at all the kitten would miss out on all other enquiries and new ones would have to be found.  
More on deposits
The deposit goes to your kitten for food, care and vaccines or on a pregnant moms health care.
All people who send a deposit will be guaranteed a kitten, if you are offered a kitten and you find you want to pass up on him or her, your deposit will be transferred on to a next litter. In some cases I may decide to refund if I feel you will not be a good home.
All sales are final, once a kitten goes home I do not take them back unless I offer to and for the following reasons.
If a kitten is found to have a life threatening problem with in 3 days of sale, I offer a full refund including deposit or If I cannot take the kitten back you can keep him or her and get a refund and perhaps treat the kitten with the cost given. 
If I offer to bring back a healthy kitten I do not offer a refund in any case but  do will offer another kitten, you must bring the kitten back within 7 days of sale. I will not take a kitten back after 7 days and you must wait for the next available one. I do not refund for extra playful kittens or very active kittens, its an adoption, once you pick a kitten out he is your for a life time just like that of a child.
We offer a 3 year contract with your kitten against the heart defect called HCM and on kidney problem called PKD. Also we offer a full money back guarantee if your kitten is found to have a life threatening sickness with in 3 days of sale. If a kitten is found to have one of the defects listed above I offer a kitten free of charge as long as you have a vet statement diagnosing the defect is certain.
We allow kittens to go home between 10 and 12 weeks old but no earlier then 10 weeks and if a kitten that I feel is very small for the ages of 10 -12 weeks and still nursing alot I allow to go slightly older, 13-14 weeks.
Visiting information:
We only have time for serious and real inquiries, our doors will not be opened for exhibiting our cats unless you already have a deposit down, this is for our privacy.
We also do not alow young kittens under 6 -7 weeks to be seen for there safety and health, they must have their first vaccine, if you must visit before sending a deposit we charge 15.00 just to come and see the parents, some parets cannot always be dispayed due to heat cycles and our strict separation from male and females, this is due to stress on the males and possible spraying, some of our cats can be seen however.
We email everyone on the wait list the day kittens are born with the number and gender.  Pictures will be sent for the picking out and then you may come to visit your kitten when it is 7 or 8 weeks to confirm you are happy with your choice, or you may just come to pick up your kitten when it is ready to go home.
Please be sure that you have not been to another cattery or shelter 4 days prior to visiting us.
More about our contract:
 I offer my kittens with a no declaw contract. Please see the early spay and neuter page for De claw links. If you declaw your kitten from us the health contract will be void even if a genetic defect is found. You will notice that 90% of all ragdoll breeders do the same contract on this, it is strict due to the gentle nature of the breed.
Our kittens are not raised around any human furniture and are trained to scratch a post, we hope that everyone who gets a kitten from us will realize that its not likely that they will dig up furniture as long as they have one or two cratching post and see the effort we put into it to avoid unnecessary surgery. 
Most Ragdolls however do not Scratch much and will only defend themselves when necessary and due to the gentle nature should not be decalwed.
All kittens come with first vaccines and one worming. 
All of are cats are fed a high quality diet and are well socialized. All kittens may have different personalities but all of our kittens have ragdoll traits and are loving once settled into new homes.
We are not a business we are a hobby breeder who loves to produce beautiful Ragdoll kittens . 
We are currently feeding Premium edge dry kitten food and chicken soup to all our cats and sometimes natural life canned, they contain all real chicken and no fillers and the price is very reasonable.
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Emails are prefered since I am always updating and checking emails faster then phone messages, calls are however welcome.
410 658-0295


We have the right to refuse someone from getting a kitten.