At the Show

After 6 years of breeding Ragdolls I have decided to show.  Although we are very busy in our cattery and starting a small German shepherd breeding program and hate far travel we have taken some time to schedule when we could go to shows as exhibitors,we shown our first girl Sunflower September of 07
At first she was scared but we saw no need to not try again with her. She is very nicely marked, sadly her second show in Novemeber she was even more scared and did not like the show hall. She got through it but we decided that it was not for her.
She had scored some good points but no divisions which is needed for a Champion status we feel with several more shows she may have gotten her CH but we have retired her from the show hall.
 The first time she competed she got First best color in her division against another tortie, unfortunatly the second time there were no others in her division.
There were many blue bicolors which are popular in the rings. We wanted to bring something new to the table but she was not a happy camper .
              Our next shows will be in 2008