Your questions Answered

Why should I buy a pedigree cat ?
Most of every breeder works on improving there line of breed health wise as well as look and temperament. They raise there kittens and know there background and pedigree so they are able to select the best for breeding. Breeders work on temperament to improve personality as well as looks .
Why are pedigree cats so high priced?
Breeders work very hard to produce healthy social kittens and most of your payment covers expenses such as food litter supplies and vet care and the obtaining of a well bred kitten. Most breeders feel payment is a reward not a money making business!
What is the cost for a ragdoll?
Radolls will be 500 to 800 for pet quality. if your breeder alters before placing, your kitten will be higher priced. Breeders who sell for less kittens will come with an alter agreement.
If your ragdoll is very low in cost below 450 I would be leery of its health.
Are Ragdolls ever discounted?
Yes in some cases you can get a perfectly healthy ragdoll lower cost, due to cattery closing, loss of cat sales and hurry to place them due to older age.
Will my kitten be spayed or neutered when I get it?
Many controversies have been brought up on spay and neuter and what age is best to have it done and in our opinion as well as many vets will tell you that its best done when an animal is mature enough which would be between 5 and 7 months for cats and newer studies show 6 to 10 months for dogs.  Sadly many people do not honor a spay and neuter contract and it forces breeders to alter at very young ages before selling there kittens.
I have altered some kittens between 14 and 16 weeks but most people will not wait 4 months to get a kitten and I let mine go at 11-14 weeks. I believe under 5 1/2 months is just to early.
We carry a strict contract for altering your pet ragdoll kitten by the age of 6 months, it is your responsibility to care enough to take your kitten in and pay for its healthy future. If a purchaser is not a responsible pet buyer why even sell to them if they do not agree to alter there own cat.
Some Breeders will alter kittens before they leave a cattery, this is fine also it is personal choice. A pet owner or breeder that early alters might say that by selling kittens with spay and neuter contracts is risking a buyer not altering and that these purchasers will breed the cats and contribute to the overpopulation while slightly true, a purchaser should be trusted or not sold to if you suspect they will not honor your wishes, By all means all breeders are contributing to the over population very well when they breed cats or sell breeding cats to breeders.
I have included problems that have been seen, whether or not they happen often or less is unknown.
These problems are not wrten in stone and it is totaly up to the buyer to alter under the age of 6 months if they feel more comfortable.
The first problem I writen is the main concern .
Problems can include:
Delayed closing of the growth plates,
resulting in more longer leggier animals, some experts believe this is ok and has no Ill effect but it can result in weaker thinner bone mass. Taking away the sex hormones too early will seal off femur bone growth while the tibia continues to grow longer, this makes the animal grow taller then it should have been genetically, this can increases pressure on the long bone and can result in pain and more prone to fractures, usually the bad results go unnoticed due to the animal growing with the problems and getting use to it from the day it was altered. Even though the growth plates close between 8 and 14 months altering a cat at 6 months has benefits for the growth plates because the hormone will remain in weeks after altering and perhaps small amounts are still made for proper health but not enough to cause sexual behavioir, the main goal is to wait until the cat is sexually mature not just for the growth plate reason but also these below.
 Bladder infections 
This is not usually a problem but if nuetered very early some  male kittens will show bladder infections soon after surgery
perhaps the urethra opening may be slightly smaller or from the area being not developed yet having the testies cut away would pull more on the tender area this could be serious if a stone develops it will not be able to pass.
Infection or stones can be from a bad diet, lack of water or water high in calcium or dirt like substances, kidney problems or other infections or virus's and other issues such as stress.
 If neutered at the proper age of 6 months the risk could be less for blockage in males because the opening is slightly larger in males altered at appropriate age and because the vet
will be able to see a larger area to alter instead of a smaller one as well.
In female dogs vaginitis is common in puppies altered before 6 months and less common in dogs altered between 8 months and 12 months, incontinence of female dogs has also been seen if spayed too early thats because the surgery weakes the bladder wall in a puppy with not much muscle development its best to wait until your animal gets muscle tone before alter.
Higher death risk
Death risk in young animals usually under 4 months old
Many animals die every day from any kind of surgery not just early alter but the risk is greater for a 10 week old kitten as oppose to a 20 week old kitten (5 months) Vets must pay special attention to a kittens glucose levels as well as giving the right amount of anesthesia it is critical to be sure the animal is strong and healthy for altering at this tender age. Many young animals are dying on the tables of vet offices and no breeder will admit this and if they make it nobody will ever be able to tell if these will be the ones with future health cases, in many cases death is not an issue but it is a risk not worth taking. Many vets still will not do early alter and if they start then I would be very careful of inexperienced vets working on your kittens.
Sexual behavior increase in some animals altered before 6 months: Mostly seen in Dogs.
I am not sure why this is true for some dogs and cats but Im thinking its due to never allowing any hormones to be produce perhaps the body is making up for lost hormones, the studies have shown humping behaviors in male dogs and heat like tendencies in cats as well as spraying in male cat and odd male tendencies like seen in non altered males.
Spraying could be caused by only three things, urinary infection, sexual behavior or stress. As a matter of fact in cats that are altered before 5 months can go into a false heat around the time purberty would have taken place. It does not last but can be overwelming to the owner.
Psychological problems/ noise fears and juvenile like tendencies:
 This is known in dogs but could possibly be in cats. What was seen in dogs altered before maturity will display puppy like behaviors though adult hood making training harder and they are known for more phobias like noise, in females aggressive problems can occur and fears of being alone in both genders.
Different body shape not what they would appear to be if altered later:
 Young animals that are altered are seen to have less muscle mass and a more round body type if not allowed to gain proper growth hormones. The heads of animals especially males will be slightly smaller with less skull mass. Legs will be longer and thinner then pets altered at maturity. Most times pet owners will not notice any difference because nobody looks for this. Whether this would cause any problems is not written in stone but it would not be what the animal was intended it to be like genetically.
So when is alter safe?
For cats I suggest right at 6 months and in large breed dogs 9-12 months, smaller breed dogs will do well between 6 and 7 months.
In dogs altering before the very first heat protects against mammary cancers, heat cycles for dogs are usually between 6 and 10 months old larger breed dogs would be on the later end 8-10 months. Early alter in dogs before (6 months) however can cause heart defects and aggression in some, its better to be safe then sorry.
Some questions?
Will my male cat spray if I wait until 6 months to nueter?
No because 90% of male cats do not start spaying until 7-9 months and once altered at 6 months this will eliminate any male behaviors.
                           Altering benefits
Altering at proper age is VERY safe and studies have shown that altered cats live so much longer and in my experience we have had many spayed and neutered cats that lived well into the late teens. They shed less had shiner coats and less stress we seen no changes in personality or traits.
 Females not altered can come down with pyometra a severe life threatening uterine infection due to multiple heat cycles without a pregnancy, this problem is not rare and can sometimes go unnoticed until one finds a female un altered cat dead. The only cure for pyo is spaying as soon as possible.
 Some breeders will try and save a breeder by using hormone injections and antibiotics but in only 50% does it ever cure the problem. If a female has closed pyo her risk is greater for dying then open pyo which causes a drainage of puss that can't always be seen.
Symptoms of open pyo are drainage, not always seen. weakness fever and sleeping with no or Very little eating and drinking. Closed pyometra there will be no draining but a cat will get very sick and have a swelled belly full of infection this is very dangerous.
  Males can spray up your home with offensive urine odor if not neutered. 70% Of all males over 7 months spray, yell and try to escape ones home to seek females. Even if the male is a non sprayer he is more prone to testicle cancers and health issues if not neutered.
Un altered cats are prone to breeding stress and more prone to weakened immunity, they are more prone to underweight and shedding and roaming.
 Altering does not have any effect in your cats personality except the yelling pyometra and spraying will be gone! Your cat will not get lazy or boring. Some cats "Not all " will gain weight after alter but this is the only con to altering your cat but in fact they will look bigger and healthier and they will have a more fuller coat that sheds less.
 We have a strict alter contract and will take legal action if voided. We do not sell cats intending to keep unaltered. It is cruel if you are not a registered breeder the health guarantee will be VOID if you decide not to alter your kitten purchased from us meaning you will not be able to come back and get a replacement cat even if your vet finds a genetic problem.

Links on early alter and why we wait until 6 months in all kittens.
 Why do you not allow Declaw?         
  Sad  De claw truth
Many veterinarians will ask you when you take your cat in to be altered if you want them declawed however some vets see this as a routine and will declaw right at the time of altering surgery Declaw is wrong and it inhumane your cat needs it claws for many reasons balance climbing defending itself and so on the bad risk of decalw include lifelong health risk and problems at least one or more of these problems has is seen in 60% of cats that have been de clawed
pain when scratching in the litter box due to lack of proper healing cats will sometimes stop using the litter box
aggression and biting due to now not being able to defend
change in personality, less playful then before
arthritis in the knuckle joint
uneven or unsteadies when jumping
Pain in the paws usually from defects in the joints.
 If you or someone has seen pain in your cat I would suggest an X Ray of the paws there are many cases that the joint will try and re grow the nail, this results in nails that grow inside and these cant be seen, it is extremely painful and needs immediate care.
Even the new laser method is a risk the only better thing is less pain after surgery but it has all the same risk listed here. If you are worried about your cat digging up furniture then don't get a cat, better yet train your cat to use a post it is amazing that they will learn to dig only a scratching post. We train all baby kittens from they time that start to explore to use a post this is the only thing they have access to to climb and dig so they learn fast and carry on this into adulthood. There are many decalwed cats in the shelters due to behavior issues and litter box problems this happens more then one thinks or knows about, just because you don't see pain in your cat or a problem don't mean its not there.
De Claw links
What gender should I purchase?
I see both genders are wonderful. Although I hear males are friendlier I have seen loving females and aloof males and vise versa. males tend to be larger and more vocal while females seem more content and smaller. Loving personality goes by socialization and genetics not gender!
What do they weigh once grown?
Neutered males between 14 and 20
Spayed females 10 and 16
Do Ragdolls mat or shed?
They shed very little and do not mat at all unless unable to groom due to illness or xtreem overweight and then only the very fluffy coats will mat slightly.
The coat is cotton like and very thick like rabbit fur so shedding is extremely minimal.
I am allergic to cats should I try a ragdoll?
I think you should visit some cattieries and find out if you will have a problem.  Allergies usually occur with in 20 min. of being in a room with a provoked allergen. With the rare cotton coat I have seen a lower rate of people having problems with this breed. It is possible that you will be able to own a Ragdoll.
 Why do you not refund deposits if I change my mind?
 These are living animals and a deposit shows me you are serious about getting one. When you place a deposit down it gets spent on litter care such as food, vaccines and what else is needed for them. A deposit shows that you have chosan a breeder that you are sure you want to go with and you must understand that its an adoption and once I receive the number of deposits I will not take anymore and if one changes there mind I would have already turned down other peoples deposits.
How long will it take for me to get a kitten once I send a deposit?
If you put cost down on a recenty pregant mom it will take 4 months unless she is almost due so it generaly takes 2-4 months unless we have kittens already born of an older age.
 Why don't I see many Ragdolls in shelters?
Answer: Breeders work hard to prevent the ragdoll from becoming just another cat , the breed is very human like and in my opinion special!
 I bought a ragdoll with no papers but seen the parents is it a ragdoll?
 Chances are what you have is a mix ragdoll even if you seen the parents there is no proof if your kitten came from those cats.  If your ragdoll was under 500 dollars make sure that you ask for pedigree and registration slips.
 How can I tell if my breeder is reputable?
 A reputable breeder will offer references when asked. they will allow you to see the cattery, Some breeders ask for a deposit first this is perfectly normal as most breeders want serious buyers. Deposits are non refundable for any reason for most breeders.
Breeder will answer all your question's about health registration and will offer a health guarantee and a money back guarantee in at least 72 hours of purchase.
Cats in the cattery will be allert and healthy with no eye drainage or diarrhea stains on the back end. Some will be shy of new people this is normal for some ragdolls but some will be extremely friendly. Ragdolls are a somewhat loyal breed taking to a family rather then a stranger. They all have there own personality but all have ragdoll traits.
 Why should I go with you as my breeder?
We are a hobby breeder who cares about each kitten and its health. I am reliable and here most days and nights so that I am able to socialize kittens and watch them each day as they grow.
We are not breeders that cage or ignore our cats and we feed Our cats a high quality diet and maintain a clean environment.
We do not over breed our females, inbreed or mix our ragdolls with any other breed that is not excepted, we try and choose the healthiest cats for breeding.
We are free of FIP and FIV Fleas and parasites.
We have references if needed.
We offer a FULL money back guarantee if there is any life threatning sickness within 72 hours along with a 2 year contract against gene defects called PKD and HCM we offer a replacement kitten.
 We have an honest contract we back by 100% and our cats have registered pedigree's.